Building a Beautiful Rock Garden

Although a rock garden is typically placed in an area that is specifically set aside for that purpose, you can construct one on any area of ground you wish. The only requirement for a rock garden is that you have good drainage since rocks and mountain-growing plants do not do very well in water-bound soil.

The best place to put a rock garden is a sloping area where surface water can easily run off. It’s not the presence of water that can be a problem, but its inability to run off efficiently. In fact, many excellent rock gardens are associated with natural and artificial streams, since running water is the natural habitat of many of the plants used to populate rock gardens.

The importance of soil

The main areas you use for soil should be gritty rather than well composted, in order to stimulate the natural grown and environment of the plants you put into place. The plants themselves should be initially bedded in rich soil to help them establish. A rock garden is frequently called an Alpine garden, and Alpine conditions are associated with excellent drainage through loose, gritty soil.

Preparing your space

The area where you place your rock garden should be excavated, then the bottom perimeter lined with stones. Then, place one or two large rocks that protrude above the surface once the garden has been finished. These are the main rocks, around which other rocks and stones can be laid for a beautiful look. The spaces between all the rocks should be filled with smaller stones and finally with gritty, easily drained soil. Drainage is critical for a successful rock garden. If you mix sand with topsoil, this is a great way to promote drainage.

Use the right rocks

The best stones to use to create a rock garden is limestone, though granite and local stones will also suffice. Once your garden has been set up, make pockets among the rocks and stones and fill with good composted soil in which to place your selected plants. You may also want to mix your soil with washed sand to remove any residual salt. Do not sow the seed, but purchase plants such as heathers, alyssum, delosperma, geraniums, and other perennials which do well in rock gardens. You will love the result.

Creating a rock garden isn’t hard, and you’ll love the low-maintenance, beautiful look of it forever. Keeping up a rock garden is quite simple, just be sure to note if the water is draining properly, and to pull any pesky weeds that might pop up. It’s a good idea to be sure you have the best, most low-maintenance garden possible.

If you have questions about your rock garden or how you should set it up, talk to a landscaper in Las Vegas. A professional will be able to help you understand what exactly you need to do for your garden, and how much time it will take. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect, have us do it for you! You’ll love it.

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