Bring on the Trees

When it comes to landscaping, we can all agree that we prefer it to none. When we see a home or specific area, it is usually pretty obvious if the person maintaining the home cares about the way the outside looks. When a yard is beautifully landscaped then we are more likely to look at it. As a society, we like to have things that are beautiful to look at, and that includes our yards. We like knowing that compared to other things, we know how to keep a beautiful yard.


One thing that can be done when we are landscaping our home is to add trees. Here are some things from Lawn Starter,, that you may not have known about trees:


  1. Trees balance out carbon dioxide and oxygen.
  2. Trees can talk to each other. This is usually done by the tree excreting chemicals to warn other trees about the insects.
  3. Trees can save money and energy. When the tree is properly placed it can save about 30% in both heating and air conditioning costs.
  4. Trees increase property value by about 10%.
  5. Larger trees can help to prevent crime
  6. There are trees in Utah that are 80,000 years old.
  7. The tallest recorded tree stands at an impressive 379.7 feet tall.


When it comes to landscaping, it is important that we are keeping our yards maintained. Having a beautifully landscaped home can really add value to your home. Trees are something that can be added to a yard, but there are other things that can be done. When it comes to your home, you are able to create walkways that are lined by different types of flowers, as well as add different shrubbery to your yard.


Whatever it is that you decide to do to your yard, Showcase Land Care Services can help to turn your yard into a masterpiece. The last thing that you need to do is worry about your yard not being up to par with the rest of the neighborhood. Call Showcase Land Care Services, who are providing beautiful landscaping in Las Vegas. Call them today to get started.

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