Artificial vs Natural Turf

For people and businesses alike, grass and lawns are important: front lawns are often the first things that people see meaning that they make the first impressions of the property (and the business or individuals dwelling within). A beautifully maintained lawn sets great expectations for the rest of the property, even increasing the perceived value.

It can be difficult to choose whether to install artificial turf or natural grass. So whether you are renovating or installing a brand new lawn, there are several options available to you.

Artificial Turf pros: 


Artificial turf is very High quality and has a very natural appearance, however, unlike natural grass doesn’t get diseases, pests, etc. that completely destroy your lawn. Chafer beetles for instance can be devastating for your natural lawn, plus, they attract birds who tear up your lawn even more (when trying to get chafer beetle larvae). You honestly don’t have to worry about damage to your lawn, artificial turf doesn’t die! Fungus and weather conditions are just a few things that can kill your natural lawn. Furthermore, it doesn’t stain, fade, or discolor. As you probably know, during dry seasons where there are water restrictions your lawn may turn yellow or brown for various reasons, but you literally never have to worry about this happening to an artificial turf.

Furthermore, artificial turf ends up saving you money. It usually pays for itself in water/maintenance savings within 7 years. Furthermore, by not having to water your lawn it preserves our most precious natural resource…

Natural Turf pros: 

Natural turf is definitely cheaper to install than artificial turf, it also is known to be better for the environment because when it break downs it is absorbed into the earth. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to other environment implications of your choice. For example, climate is changing precipitously thus posing major ramifications for flora and fauna in addition to human health (and non- human health… don’t forget Fido). Air pollution is unfortunately absolutely everywhere. Thus by choosing natural turf you are serving to help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That is right, grass contributes positively to creating a healthier environment through the oxygen production and carbon dioxide absorbed through natural grass.

Furthermore, if you step out in the middle of a hot summer day onto natural turf with bare feet you will notice that the grass is nice and cool, however, artificial turf gets extremely hot in the summer heat. Plus, people tend to love natural turf because it is, well, natural!  Traditional grass is fun to walk on, lay down on, have picnics on… it’s just enjoyable! 

There are both positive and negative attributes associated with natural turf and artificial turf. Basically, you need to choose what is best for you. 

Now that your decisions has become clear, schedule your free estimate with Showcase Land Care for all your landscaping in Las Vegas needs!

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