Add Dimension to Your Landscape With Lights

Adding lighting to your landscape is a beautiful way to bring it to life at night. There are many great ideas to choose from to beautify your backyard and you will love them for years to come. When choosing lighting for your landscaping, you will want to work with your existing scheme to get the best option possible to enhance your vibe. Lights come in many different colors and shapes, so it’s not hard to pick one that goes well with your landscaping.


Pagoda lighting

 This type of lighting offers a unique décor of its own. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs or wants. They also stay in the ground with built in stakes. They come in a very low wattage to high wattages, so you must decide what is in your budget to create the lighting at the lowest cost.

Themed lighting

 There are many different types of themed lights that actually appear to be a part of the landscaping during the daytime. However, once night hits, they light up and add a whole new dimension to your landscape. You can choose from snails, turtles, frogs, and birds. Each one of these lovely creatures are made from quality ceramic material and have a hidden light inside. You will love the difference it makes in the day and the night!

Solar lighting

These types of lights are a great idea for your yard. They offer lighting, but they are also very cheap or sometimes even free to operate! How does this work? They absorb energy from the sun during the day and store it within. As it gets dark outside, that energy is seamlessly converted into light that lights up your yard all night! However, they also have an option to run on electricity if they haven’t been able to store up enough energy during the day, such as on a rainy day.

Bistro lighting

These lights have a very romantic feel and appeal. Simply string a few strands across your deck or patio and you will love the mood they put you in when you sit under them at night. If you live in a smoggy city or a place where you can’t often see stars, these lights are a way to get that same dreamy effect without having to travel to the mountains.

Each of these types of lights truly add a new dimension to your yard that you could not accomplish any other way. Choosing one or more of these types of lights will beautify your yard and you will love them for years to come! Not only does lighting add a beauty to your yard, but having some light in your yard at night will make it safer for you and your family, and keep away criminals or those who want to enter your yard. It’s harder to sneak around the corner when all the corners are lit up. To learn more about landscaping in Las Vegas, contact us today!

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