10 Landscaping Terms You Need to Know

Professionals in most industries tend to forget that their clients don’t have the same training as them. This leads to the use of terminology that clients just don’t understand. To avoid frustration with your next landscaping service, here is a list of the most commonly used (and misunderstood) landscaping terms that you need to know.

Annual plant – a plant that needs one year to complete a life cycle

Biennial plant – a plant that needs two years to complete a life cycle

Perennial plant – a plant that needs more than two years to complete a life cycle

Hardscaping – using hard things such as rocks and stone to landscape an area

Softscaping – using “soft” things such as plants, flowers, and trees to landscape an area

Retaining wall – describes a wall made of stone or brick that’s built to keep dirt and plants to a particular area. Most commonly used to clear space for walkways and decks.

Weeping hole – an opening in a wall to allow water to drain from plants

Cold hardiness – communicates how well a plant can survive in cold temperatures

Tender plant – describes a plant that doesn’t do very well in cold climates

Girder – a bean used to support deck construction

Armed with these terms, you should be able to have a relatively transparent conversation with your next landscaping company. To ensure you work with a company you can trust on your next project, contact Showcase Land & Care at 702.531.6789 today.

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